Rob hall

Early Life:

Rob Hall was born in 14 January 1961 in New Zealand. He was the last of nine children in his family. He lived close to the alps with his family. Perhaps because of that, he quickly developed the love for mountaineering. He left school at an early age of 14. He was an enthusiast in thinking and designing gears for mountaineering. After leaving school at 14, he approached a company named Alsports with his designs and prototypes of mountaineering gears like rucksack, tents and clothing. He got signed as a designer, he worked for several years there and by the age of 17, he was a major name in the business, being in charge of a large team as a production manager and designer for the company. It shows he was born a leader.


Age wasn’t a limitation for him, he didn’t let his young age stop him for pursuing what he always dreamt of, climbing the highest mountains of the world. He developed his mountaineering skills through his own effort. He was honing his skills as a mountaineer while he was working too.  He started exploring the mountains of New Zealand. He made a daring attempt to climb the Caroline face of Mt. Cook, the largest face on New Zealand’s Highest peak and was successful in making a name for the first winter ascent.

He was also gaining name in the designing business as his skills led to him working for one of New Zealand’s premier outdoor equipment company, Macpac Wilderness Ltd, where he worked for 4 years and then started his own brand named “Outside”.  He was also pursuing his mountaineering and he decided to explore to the Himalayan mountains. In 1980, at a young age of 19, Hall made his first Himalayan Summit. He climbed the Ama Dablam ( 6,856 m). That was one of many adventures he would have in Nepal. He made his second summit when he climbed another Himalayan peak, Number(6,954m).  By 21, he had made the summit of two famous Himalayan mountains which made him confident as a seasoned Himalayan climber and he was more motivated to explore higher mountains.

Rob then secured an employment in the Antarctic region as a field guide where he would meet his future partner for Adventure Consultants. He explored Antarctica and managed to make ascents to the remote mountains there.

Rob would always miss the Himalayas when he was in the job so, he came back and tried to conquer Annapurna and Everest. Though he wasn’t successful, the attempts helped develop his skills of mountaineering and higher mountaineering experience. He failed to make the summit of Everest two time, whilst on the third time, he made it to the top of the highest mountain of the world, which he would climb five times in total.

Rob and his close friend Gary Ball decided to climb the Seven highest mountains of the seven continents and they succeeded in doing that in 1990, which gained them recognition in the international platform and it made a public spectacle in their home country when they made it to the seven summits in 1990.


Starting of Adventure Consultants:

Rob and Gary then decided to open a company and they did, Hall and Ball Adventure Consultants was founded in 1991 after they gained public recognition by the conquering of the seven summits. They immediately decided to start big with the commercial expedition of Everest in 1992 and it came out to be a success when they reached the summit of Everest in 1992 with six clients and four Sherpas. The company got recognized internationally as it grew bigger getting loyal clients and making several successful expeditions in the highest mountains, mainly Everest. Sadly, Gary passed away due to illness while on the expedition to Dhaulagiri and Rob looked after the Adventure Consultants from there on and he finally passed away on the 1996 disaster but, his legacy continued as a close friend and a fellow mountaineer who had climbed and partnered with the adventure consultants took over the company and continued Rob’s and Gary’s Legacy.