Beck Weathers

Beck Weathers:

Early Life:

Beck Weathers was born in December 1946 in Texas. He was born in a military family and attended college in Wichita Falls. He got married and had two children.  After living a lot of years as a successful life as pathologist. He had an interest at mountaineering from the start but couldn’t pursue it because of other priorities.


In 1986, he set other priorities aside and got enrolled in a mountaineering course. He then decided to try to climb the Seven Summits. His inspiration was Richard Bass, who was the first man to climb the seven summits. He considered him an inspiration and thought that he was the one who made summiting Everest seem possible for regular people like him. So, he dreamt of conquering Everest, having no prior experience and wanted to be known as a regular guy to reach the summit of Everest.  A 49-year-old pathologist climbing the highest mountain in the world was his dream.  In May 1996, Weathers had signed up with Rob Hall of Adventure Consultants for a guided commercial expedition of Everest. Weathers was able to survive the 1996 Everest disaster but several parts of his body were to be amputated. He was left for dead but he survived the disaster through his sheer willpower. He was rescued by a helicopter which was one of the highest altitude helicopter rescues till date.